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How can companies improve customer experience using IoT?

To improve, companies must do a better job of understanding their customers and using that knowledge to provide personalized, satisfying and convenient experiences. This is where the IoT can make a substantial difference.

IoT represents a powerful source of data that, when combined with analytics, can yield insights on everything from behavior to emotions and health. It also provides opportunities for immediate communications that allow companies to deliver contextually relevant responses and offers in real-time. And the potential to detect product failures before they happen has implications well beyond the manufacturing floor, particularly when applied to expensive cars, electronics and smart components.

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Doctorate studies at the Medical University of Vienna. Entry in the family trade business dealing in Eastern European countries with focus on plant engineering and construction. Representation of listed companies in the CIS countries. Acitivities regarding Venture Capital and M&A transactions in the Old and New Economy. Expansion to include start-ups focussing on emerging technologies such as Blockchain, ICO and Cybersecurity.
MSc in Computer Science at the Technical University of Vienna. Studies in Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics and the IMD and Ashridge Business School. Started at Philips Data, Siemens and Ericsson and worked for ESA. Senior management functions at Raiffeisen, OBB and OMV. Responsible for operational IT and Data Centers with more than 1000 employees and for large IT projects with a special focus on Cyber ​​Security and Data Privacy.

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