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Teltonika IoT Group has already connected more than 20 million IoT devices – in 6 sectors across the global market – to the Internet.


World-leading tracking hardware for aftermarket and OEM applications.

Merging the best of telecommunications and informatics, telematics offers unique ways to monitor a vehicle. From motorbikes to heavy trucks, from a single car to huge fleets – there is a solution for each and every client. Telematics is the key to effective resource management, optimization of costs and safety across a range of industries.

From easy Track & Trace to professional CAN data reading – everything is covered.

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Professional networking equipment with cellular 4G LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity for challenging enterprise, IoT, M2M and Industry 4.0 applications.

Teltonika Networks controls every stage of the product development cycle, which enables them to respond quickly and flexibly to market needs and changes while ensuring reliability, security, and ease of use.

As a part of Teltonika IoT Group, all products are manufactured and assembled in a modern factory in Lithuania which allows Teltonika to ensure highest quality standards.

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Smart and energy-saving autonomous tracking for electro-mobility sector as well as long battery life personal and asset trackers.

Electro-mobility: IoT solutions for urban cities, from free-floating to corporate sharing. With our solution you will always have your kick e-scooters, e-scooters, e-bikes covered and will know battery status, current location, receive warnings if movement is detected.

Asset Trackers: Long battery life tracking solutions for non-powered assets. With our solutions you can track anything, anywhere. From construction equipment monitoring, assets, furniture, tools, generators to leasing companies.

Personal Trackers: Personal trackers have been a big part of Teltonika since the very beginning. Solutions provided by Teltonika widely used for Social workers, Lone workers, Security, Elderly people or even Pets tracking.

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Teltonika Telemedic develops enhanced professional telemedicine and telecare solutions, such as smart medical bracelets and lung ventilation devices, and strive to make them more affordable and accessible to people and healthcare facilities.

Having gathered over 10 years of experience in providing effective personal tracking solutions to nursing homes/hospitals, recently Teltonika Telemedic have been accelerating Elderly Monitoring Solution that will help the elderly, especially in these turbulent COVID-19 times.

Healthy ageing has been recognized by the WHO and the European Commission as one of the key areas that need improvement to achieve better healthcare for the elderly. As the world’s over-65 population is set to be double to approximately 1.5 billion from now to 2050, elder care is already becoming one of the biggest challenges globally.

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Teltonika EMS is an agile, reliable and devoted partner in Electronics Manufacturing Services & Original Design Manufacturing. Their engineering and production teams work side by side to implement any complex ideas of clients.

Teltonika EMS have a full development department with several engineers for the development of electrical circuits, circuit board designs and mechanical designs. The parts sourcing experts help to organize the most stable supply chain. This team can help to design or redesign your business idea.

Companies may increase their profitability by optimizing the cost of electronics manufacturing and assembly. The global partner network helps reduce the risks and associated costs of the supply chain of electronics components. The goal is to deliver products to customers on time and without disruption.

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Teltonika Energy  develop innovative electric vehicle charging solutions to enable more efficient and sustainable driving, effectively contributing towards the reduction of CO2 emissions.

A premium quality, highly customizable and easy-to-use EV charging solution will transform your EV charging experience. Teltonika Energy offer an exceptional product that combines functionality, premium looks, high-quality build and smart EV charging features to save you time and money.

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